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The Tackle Warehouse – Fishing Tackle and More

Latest News:  We are now stocking a large Aqua Products range.

Tackle Warehouse Summer League 2014

March 15th – Sumners-Ribbons Lake
April 12th – More house – Sidewinder
May 24th – Sumners – Match Lake
June 21st – Denne farm (RH12 3SJ)
July 5th – Standbridge (RH17 6BA)
August 2nd – Denne farm
August 16th – Ox Copes Farm (RH13 8PY)
Sept 13th – Willing Hurst – Top Lake

1st prize £150 and trophy, 2nd prize £70 and trophy and a wooden spoon for last!!

Please ring Tom for more details and to book in on 077525902011. All participants of the league will receive 10% off in the Tackle Warehouse shop.


FishingThe Tackle Warehouse Ltd

The Tackle Warehouse provides top rate fishing tackle and equipment throughout the UK.  We have a shop in Crawley, West Sussex and it is the biggest fishing tackle shop in the southeast of England. We are the leaders in supplying fishing rods, reels, bait, tackle, bait boats and the full gambit of fishing equipment.

Our website is new and we are transitioning from our old website, so please bear with us until everything is fully up and running.


What is Fishing Tackle?

Are you looking to start fishing? Well, it’s a great sport that can be a ton of fun. Whether you’re looking to do it to catch fish to eat or just for a way to spend time with your kids, you’re bound to love it. But to fish, you need fishing tackle.

What the heck is fishing tackle you ask? Well, you’re in the right spot! I’ll give you a brief overview of what exactly fishing tackle is!

Put simple, fishing tackle refers to any of the equipment a fisherman would use while they’re out fishing. This includes everything from your fishing rod, to your bait, to your tackle box.

Terminal tackle is what the gear attached to the end of your fishing line is called. Hooks, sinkers, floats, blades, and lures are all considered terminal tackle.

If you hear the term “Fishing rig” that’s what a complete set of fishing tackle is called. If you have a fishing rig, that means you’ve got everything you need to go out there and catch yourself some fish!

Another term you’ll hear is “fishing technique.” While fishing tackle is referring to all the physical equipment that you’re using, fishing techniques is how to use that equipment. Seems pretty self-explanatory, right?

The term fishing tackle dates back to the year 1389. Its proper meaning is any apparatus that is is used for fishing. Taken literally, this can mean anything from the boat you’re using to your bait.

Fishing tackle is more often used in recreational fishing. In commercial fishing, the term fishing gear is used more often. Though both have basically the same definition and can be used interchangeably, most fisherman will mean different things when they use the words fishing tackle or fishing gear.

Fishing tackle is pretty easy to obtain. Pretty much any store that has a sporting goods section like Walmart, or a store specializing in sporting goods like Dicks or Bass Pro, will have a decent selection of tackle for you to choose from.

If you’re new to fishing and looking to get your first set of tackle, then you should stick with either a small Mom and Pop type place or a store like Bass Pro that specializes in fishing. They’ll be able to help you complete your fishing rig with everything you’ll need. You don’t want to get out on the water and realize you’ve forgotten something important!

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